2011-12-31 Summer and Autumn of 2011

First half of 2011 There are so many things to do and to see. Thanks to Swedish parental leave and vacation we get to do and see them together. While Enoch and Idun go on adventures and explore the world, we, their parents, keep running in their tracks. Soon they will outrun us.

2011-12-31 First Half of 2011

First half of 2011 During spring the children got faster. Both growing and not having to wear layers of winter clothes do that to children. They also learned the art of running in opposite directions.

2011-12-31 Winter 2010

Winter 2010 The wife finally got access to smutsig.se! Hopefully the updates will be more frequent than before. This first update is a tribute to snow and cold winters. It is quite hard to see the children in these pictures. The black and yellow heap of clothes is Enoch and the other one, with pink parts, is Idun.

2010-10-31: Summer 2010

Spring 2010 Here are a few pictures from the Summer of 2010. More may follow!

New and definitely improved: I have embraced a new fangled web gallery thing. It works much better than my own quick hack, and is less of a pain to use. Win, win!

2010-04-25: Spring 2010

Spring 2010 Here are some pictures from March and April, as winter finally eases off into spring.

New and possibly not improved: I uploaded the pictures in the original resolution, so some of them are pretty large, and will take a long time to load if your connection is slow. Let me know if this doesn't work for you.

2010-02-28: January and February 2010

January and February of 2010 This has been the coldest winter for over 20 years, with temperatures below -10 more often than not, and sometimes as low as -25.

2010-01-13: Final Months of the Decade

Final Months of the Decade Idun is getting fatter, while Enoch is getting thinner, looking less like a baby and more like a regular child every day.

He's becoming very comfortable with the horses and can ride in his sleep. Yes, literally ride in his sleep. Bareback. Damn kid. Myself, I can barely stay in the saddle even when I concentrate.

Idun does what small babies do, but slightly better, of course. Her hair is already almost long enough to braid.

2009-11-10: Autumn 09

Autumn 09 Do you have any idea how sticky a child gets, when he has unlimited access to apples? During September and October, Enoch has constantly been carrying around one or two apples. When I carry him on my shoulders, he'll sometimes press a well chewed surface into the back of my head. Our favourite kind of apple is called "Lobo".

Idun hasn't started on the apples yet, despite her name.

2009-09-21: Daughter

Daughter Our daughter was born on September 20 2009, at 22:10. We took lots of pictures, of course, but all of them contain nipples, the placenta, or both, so we won't post them here.

Those of us who kept our shirts on during the entire show get to appear in a few of the pictures, becoming immortalised on the interweb. Pictures of the proud mother will be posted later.

2009-06-15: First Half of 2009

First half of 2009 These pictures were taken between December and June of 2009. Most of them are from the farm or its immediate surroundings, but a couple at the end are from the gardens of the palace of Drottningholm.

Notice how my dear wife seems to walk on water, Jesus-like, on the pictures from January? Several things can be said about this: the water was frozen. There is nothing Jesus-like about her, except her beautiful hair. We tested the ice carefully before bringing the pram, and it was easily thick enough to hold several ATVs running at high speed, so it was perfectly safe.

2008-11-07: Walking

On Sunday the 2nd of November, he learned to walk. This was filmed on Thursday 6th of November. He's eating his lucky sock, so you can't see his mouth, but I think he's smiling.

Background noise by Manufactura.

2008-10-02: Sept

Sept Enoch became bored with staying put, so he learned to move. He is faster and taller than we expected! The cute but useless little lump of meat has turned into a mobile monster. He has 8 very sharp teeth, with which the nasty little cannibal has drawn blood from his father's finger. When he can't find human flesh, he eats firewood, old wine boxes and dust. Very low in calories, dust is.

2008-05-26: May

May This is a random collection of fairly recent pictures, from late April to late May. They're from all over the farm, in various sheep and horse pastures, in our garden and down by the lake.

A note on Enoch's haircut. We haven't cut or otherwise meddled with it in any way. He has grown a natural Mohawk. He trims it by rubbing his head furiously from side to side in bed, while dreaming about whatever small children dream about.

2008-04-10: Father + son

Father + son The child's mother insisted on our posting a series of pictures containing the fat, tired, unshaven father, together with Enoch, who is often fat and tired too.

Some of the pictures are quite old, ranging from late February to early April. Enjoy!

2008-02-24: Scale 2: The Return

Scale 2: The Return This is another exercise in scale, once again placing our hero next to the old riding boot, as well as an assortment of other items of known size.

In the third picture, you may notice a smaller, greener child. That is Enoch one month ago, from the first Scale posting. The boot was used as a size reference.

Then follow a number of pictures with Enoch and other family members, inluding Lydia, our shiny new cat. My favourite is when he is kneeling in front of his mother, presumably begging for something.

The last picture has nothing to do with scale. It is just cute.

2008-02-23: Posing in Carriage

Posing in Carriage First of all, sorry for not posting any updates for awhile. Enoch (yes, that is the child's name) has been busy growing; his mother has been busy feeding him. As for myself, being a Real Programmer, I have spent a month automating a process that takes a few minutes if you do it manually.

When looking at the pictures, please note the navigation arrows on the top left of the screen. Pressing "next" displays the next picture. Pressing "Previous" takes you back to the previous picture. This way, you don't have to scroll the navigation frame.

These pictures are all of Enoch posing in his Wilson Imperial Class Baby Carriage, wearing a shirt that his grandmother wore in the early thirties. Speaking of Wilson & Silver Cross, we saw a picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II posing by a Wilson pram. It looked OK, but not, of course, as nice as ours. :)

2008-01-28: Bath

Bath We had just settled in for a cozy, lazy morning in bed, when the child decided that it was time to get up. Being a young man of action rather than words, he signalled his desire by vomiting all over himself. Our response was swift and very cruel: Discipline in the kitchen sink!

Last but not least, pictures of manicure so terrible that his arms fell off!

2008-01-27: Re-design

Morning. Today, I have perpetrated some web design, which I learned in 1996. All pages have been thoroughly tested, once, in Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20071204 Ubuntu/7.10 (gutsy) Firefox/ If you are using another browser, the pages may not work well.

This page is slightly broken in Internet Explorer. Why not get a real browser?

2008-01-23: Scale

Boot Today's update is mostly an exercise in scale. The child is bigger than e.g. a matchbox or a mobile telephone, but smaller than a monstrously large pram.

2008-01-17: Cute O-D

Profile This series contains four more or less random but cute pictures.

2008-01-15: A level 0 human child

noob This series contains the first two published pictures. In the first, the child is only an hour or so old. In the second, we have just gotten home from the hospital. He is a couple of days, and his lovely mother is slightly older.